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Top Rated Best Snorkel Mask in 2022 | Features and buying tips

Snorkeling is a widely popular activity that swimmers of all ages can enjoy. Snorkeling allows you to enjoy the underwater world and marine life closely. This sport is most prevalent in coastal areas like Australia, California, Mexico, and Florida.

With millions of divers enjoying snorkeling, it is essential to know about top rated best snorkel masks. Your level of enjoying snorkeling depends on various factors like your swimming skills, area of snorkeling, and the type of snorkel gear you are using.

If you are curious about the snorkel mask, we are here to help you.

You can protect your eyes from the saltwater and see the marine life and coral reefs with the right choice of snorkel mask.

There is an enormous variety of snorkel masks in the market. We have recommended top rated snorkel mask 2022 in this article.

Keep reading this article to ensure you have the best snorkel mask.

The best snorkel mask for beginners

As a beginner snorkeler, you will always look for a snorkel mask that is more comfortable for you and within your budget. There are many situations as a beginner; Maybe you don’t want to invest so much money in a new activity. It is not sure that you will adopt that activity by time and snorkel very often.

It could be possible that you will go snorkeling once a year, so you don’t want to spend so much money on buying this equipment.

But I suggest if you are going snorkeling for the first time and want to experience a fantastic journey, buy a mask that properly fits you. It should be of good quality and have comfortable straps.

Cressi F1 Frameless

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower Cressi F1 Frameless   View on Amazon

For some reason, my first choice for the best snorkel mask for beginners is the Cressi F1 Frameless snorkel mask (on Amazon).


Style of lens: Single lens
Material of skirt: Soft silicon
Colors variety: Black, pink, white, transparent white


One of the most important things, when you go snorkeling for the first time is the comfort of the snorkel mask. You have to pay so much attention to learning the new skills, but if your snorkel mask is not comfortable, you will be irritated and can’t focus on learning. It could be leaked as well due to improper fit.

So I want you to know that frameless designs are more comfortable than any other mask. It is an excellent mask for beginners that can help them to get in the water more confidently.

Cressi F1 Frameless are specially designed frameless different from that traditional masks. Moreover, it has a tempered glass lens which is an excellent move for beginners.

The lens is not made up of plastic. Instead, it is made up of tempered glass. This type of lens is famous for its durability and safe use. Plastic material is not as good as tempered glass. Cressi is such a reputed manufacturer that they do not take any chance on the quality of materials of snorkel masks.

Its lens side area is made up of soft silicone. Frameless silicon is very beneficial for beginners. It is very comfortable for beginners because you don’t have to push up against the rigid frame. In addition, silicon is a flexible material that helps to fit easier, has a good seal, and prevents leakage. And it is more convenient to pack it in a suitcase due to its flexibility. Another advantage of this is that it is an inexpensive product.


Although Cressi F1 has many good points, it has some disadvantages too. For example, F1 lacks advanced features like purge valves or a double skirt.

The purge valve is calibrated and allows you to blow out any leaking water in the mask while staying in the water. And the double skirt helps to seal all the leakages and fits well. Unfortunately, these two features are not available in the F1 snorkel mask as it is close to the traditional simple mask.

The best part of this F1 snorkel mask is its price. It is very affordable. Beginner snorkelers can invest this money to enjoy incredible marine life. Cressi F1 (Amazon) is my best choice for beginners. They can practice their snorkeling skills with this inexpensive snorkel mask.

As I have mentioned above, F1 lacks more advanced features; this mask is designed simply for beginners. So it is beneficial if you just want to pursue your snorkeling practices.

Cressi Pano 4 Wide Multi-Lens View Snorkeling Mask

Image Product   Price
backpac Cressi Pano 4   View on Amazon

Our next competitor is Cressi Pano 4 snorkeling mask. It is available in various colors like orange, yellow, lime, and black.

Although it’s also from the same brand Cressi, there are some differences between this mask and Cressi F1.
The first difference is this mask is not frameless as Cressi F1 is. It also doesn’t have a single lens as the F1 had, but it has four lenses for a clear and visual field of view.

Using this mask could be a bit complicated, but it is also a good option for beginners and intermediate-level snorkelers.


Material of skirt: Soft silicone
Colors: Clear/Yellow, Clear/lime, Clear/orange, Black/orange
Window style: Quad-lens(four lenses)
Price: $30-$50

Reasons to buy:

The main thing I liked about this snorkel mask is its four lenses and scenic design. So it is called a Pano 4. It comes with maximum light and a great field of view.

It is made of 100% high-quality soft silicon material that makes it comfortable and durable. Its easy adjustable buckle is an advantage to the user.

All four lenses are made of tempered glass that provides the best clarity and peripheral vision. This mask is designed in Italy by cressi and made in Taiwan.

Reasons NOT to buy:

There are some points I don’t like much about this mask as it has four lenses, so it is a high-profile mask. The skirt material is soft silicon, which may allow water to come inside the mask because of the bonding style.

It is especially could be a problem for a person with facial hair. Finally, it has simple rubber straps that could be an issue for the divers as it offers little support. Or we can say Its support is not so strong.

Cressi Penta+ Mask

Image Product : Price
cordlessblower Cressi Penta+ Mask   View on Amazon

The Scuba Company is famous for manufacturing excellent quality masks at affordable prices. And Cressi Penta+ is manufactured with the same tradition, high quality, and reasonable prices. Cressi Penta+ Mask is the latest version of the most popular Penta model snorkeling masks.

Four-window design is included in its features. And it also incorporates some elements from Cressi’s Matrix and Lince masks.


Weight: 6.2 ounce(175 g)
Colors: Several highlight colors Ultra-low volume
Lens material: Tempered Glass
Design: four-window

What is a four-window design?

One or two window masks are more common than four-window design masks. The purpose of this four-window design is to increase peripheral vision. Therefore a vast range of visions is offered in this product.

This idea is beneficial for you and your buddy. It gives a side-eye to your buddy, and you are at an advantage. Your buddy can keep an eye on you if he wants to deviate from the dive plan.

Manufacturing material

This Cressi penta+ is best for snorkeling and scuba diving. Its side window is made up of scratch-resistant material. Its front lens is made up of tempered glasses. Hypoallergic silicon skirt and straps in penta+ masks make it more comfortable and fits well.

The Cressi Penta+ has a dramatic downward slope from the top of the lens to the downward side of the lens. These downward-sloping lenses are manufactured for specific purposes. First, using this type of lens in the water is more beneficial because you will find it easier to see your equipment while staying in the water.

A low air volume always means that less water can enter your mask. This mask has an ultra-low volume that minimizes the artificial air space created in the masks. It is always a bonus point equalizing the air in the mask. Penta+ is always recommended to those Scuba divers who constantly struggle with mask clearing.

The Penta snorkel mask was primarily introduced to the divers later; this penta+ version was launched. It was often sold as part of the Penta mask, and Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel set. I think that Penta+ makes a quality and valuable snorkeling gear set investment. Cressi has always been a well-reputed and respectful brand of diving and snorkeling masks, So Penta+ will not be different from their expert editions.

You should buy the mask if:

You are one of the most dedicated fans of four window designs of Cressi’s Penta masks. I also recommend this snorkeling gear set for snorkeling trips. Children would also be comfortable with the silicon skirt material. So it is a family-friendly choice for divers and snorkelers.

You will get the best prices for Cressi Penta+(on Amazon). If you like this four-window design mask, we’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Best snorkel masks for intermediate level

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower SCUBAPRO Solo   Check Price

If we talk about the snorkeling masks for intermediate-level snorkelers, my top picks would be SCUBAPRO Solo (on Amazon).


SCUBAPRO Solo is famous for its advanced features; it has a vast unified tempered glass lens so you can see more clearly. It also has the double skirt silicon material used in it. In addition, it helps to create a more comfortable seal mask around your face to keep you safe from unwanted water.

My personal experience with this mask’s reliability is more positive. In addition, its excellent durability protects me from a lot of accidental abuse. To sum up, I would say that my experience with the Solo snorkel mask has always been so positive and unique.

You can find the SCUBAPRO Solo snorkel mask on Amazon at a very reasonable price of $125. If you think about snorkeling twice a year or more, this fantastic snorkel mask would be the best for you, and you would have nothing but positive experiences with the SCUBAPRO Solo snorkel mask.


Brand Name: ScubaPro
Warranty: One year
Package weight: 0.36kg
Model Name: Solo Dive Mask
Material: Plastic
Color: Black/ White, Clear/Blue
It constantly innovates and improves the diver’s experience. It builds flawless equipment for divers who love to explore underwater treasures. This mask is quite famous for its reliability, performance, and durability.

This mask’s perfect features and reliable structure allows divers to focus on the diving experience and beauty of the internal oceans and prevent worrying about snorkel gear.

Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive Snorkel mask

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive   View on Amazon

Another option for intermediate-level snorkelers is Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 Window Dive. It is user-friendly and also suitable for beginners. Therefore, we can say that it has everything that a diver needs.
It provides a clear vision because it has a dual-lens design and fits closer to the face.

It is easily adjustable; the push-button buckles help the beginner to learn how to use the snorkel mask.
It’s a strong competitor for the best snorkel masks that everyone is looking for.


Window style: Dual-lens
Material of skirt: soft silicon Double-sealed
Color: bronze, blue, white, silver, red and black
Price: Around $100, depending on sales

Reasons to buy:

A push-button buckle is an excellent option for beginners. They can quickly learn how to use the mask. Scubapro is made up of comfortable silicon skirt material.

The divers can enjoy a glare-free diving experience using the mirrored lens of this mask. It’s a low-profile, highly comfortable mask with multiple colors and stylish designs.

Reasons NOT to buy:

It is not wise to pay this much as a beginner. Also, some people say that it fogs up too quickly if you don’t properly treat and clean the mask.

And many people have reviewed that long-term use of this mask can be uncomfortable.

ScubaPro Synergy Snorkel Mask

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower ScubaPro Synergy   View on Amazon

ScubaPro Synergy Snorkel Mask is a step above the ScubaPro Solo. The divers may find a few more functions in this mask than in the ScubaPro Solo mask but at a higher price.

It has a bit more complex structure than the Solo mask, but divers would have a better experience using this mask.


Material of skirt: thin silicone inner layer and thicker silicon outer layer, Dual-skirt
Window style: Single-lens
Colors: black/silver, blue/silver, black/red, and pink
Price: $100-$200 depending on sales

Reasons to buy:

This new-generation design uses two skirts silicon layers and a watertight seal to make it more comfortable. This main skirt offers a double layer of silicon, thinner inside and thicker outside for the best fit.

You can have a fantastic experience with the leak-proof double-seal. In addition, it has adjustable buckles that allow it to be folded flat for traveling. The straps of this mask are also very comfortable.

Reasons NOT to buy:

The only point I don’t like about this mask is its high price. Due to its costs, it could be unfriendly to beginner snorkelers and scuba divers.

It’s usually out of stock. Sometimes it’s difficult for the users to find it in-store. So you have to order it online.

Snorkel Mask for the Advanced Snorkelers

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower The Atomic Venom Frameless mask   View on Amazon

Are you looking for the best snorkel masks for advanced and expert snorkelers? I will suggest The Atomic Venom Frameless mask (view on Amazon).

This mask is just wow, No buts, no doubts about it. These snorkel masks are famous for their comfort, performance, and style.

The Atomic Venom Frameless mask

Few advanced skills are required to use this incredibly advanced snorkel mask. But if you are already an expert snorkeler, you would love the advanced features of this snorkel mask.

In my opinion, the best part of this snorkel mask is the high-level performance of its tempered glass ultra-clean lens. Before using this mask, I was doubtful and unconvinced, but after using it, I was amazed by its incredible performance.

The Venom mask is very common among experts. I have talked a lot about this product and only heard positive things about this mask.

Its comfortable straps, excellent seal technology, and lightweight construction make it unique and unforgettable.


Product weight: 0.9 pounds
Number of the window: 01
Brand Name: Atomic
Product color: Black
Material of product: Nylon
Warranty: Lifetime

The Atomic Venom Frameless Snorkel Mask (on Amazon) will cost you only $170. If you are a regular snorkeler and often go snorkeling, I suggest you invest the money in this gem. I bet your money would be worth it.

SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD Mask with Purge valve

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker mask   View on Amazon

The SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD mask is an intense and bumpy mask that can handle the elements for an entire day’s use.
It features a single-tempered glass lens and a fog-resistant coating. That means you don’t need to worry about anti-fogging the mask. It also has a purge valve that allows a visible and pleasant diving experience for the divers.


Window style: Single lens
Material of the skirt: Soft silicone
Colors: black/orange
Price: round about $100.

Reasons to buy:

I always prefer this mask because it has many more features than other masks in the same price range. For example, it features Anti-UV and Anti-Glare coating, making your diving experience much more enjoyable.
A purge valve with fog-resistant coating and a sun-blocking lens is an excellent combo of the advanced features. This mask is our most popular Rayblocker model.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Here I would like to mention some of its drawbacks; first is its limited color edition. It pairs well with the semi-dry snorkel tube, so the diver must buy a semi-dry tube separately.

Finally, its UV/Glare coating effect can tint the underwater view, which I think should be more natural.

Full-face snorkel mask

Our recommended full-face snorkel mask is the

There is also a new version of the snorkel mask, combining a traditional and dry snorkel mask. It is called a Full-face snorkel mask.

The structure of this snorkel is just like a dome that covers all your face from head to chin. It has a dry snorkel embedded at the top of the mask. It has a one-way valve that keeps water out while allowing the air in.
This mask is fantastic, but in the recent few years, this mask has been a bit controversial.

Some people reported that they experienced injury or distress while using this mask. The possible reason behind this controversy would be the integrated valve that neither release enough CO2 nor allow fresh air to come inside the mask to inhale.

But it all depends upon the quality of the mask. Most people have positively reviewed this mask too. It all depends on personal experiences. Maybe the people who faced injury didn’t use the mask with high-quality valves installed in it.

I have also used this full-face snorkel mask for a snorkeling adventure. And my personal experience regarding this mask is positive. I never felt any problem during diving. But you might get a different experience and decide about this full-face mask.

There are two manufacturers named Tribord and Mares/Seaview. Both of these manufacturer work on the same designs of full-face snorkel masks. Full-face masks by these companies are Tribord’s Subsea Easybreath(on Amazon) and Head by Mares’ Seaview(on Amazon).

These two companies work well to encapsulate benefits from their product. They offer an increased field of view, excellent comfort, dry snorkel technology, etc. And most of the reviews of these products by expert snorkelers are positive.

Seaview 180° V2 Snorkel Mask

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower Seaview 180° V2   View on Amazon

Seaview 180° V2 is another famous full-face snorkel mask. This mask gives a panoramic view, allowing a better experience than the traditional snorkel mask.

This mask is designed and tested in the USA. This full-face snorkel mask is structured on Flowtech advanced air intake system that allows you to breathe naturally.


Window style: Full-face lens
Material of the skirt: Leak-proof silicone
Colors: Black, blue, teal, orange, and lime.
Price: $50-$75

Reasons to buy:

The main advantage of this full-face snorkel mask is its skirt material and design, which helps to fend off leaking. As a result, you can adequately breathe, keeping the focus on airflow.

The long snorkeling tube helps to make sure you are getting airflow properly. It has different sizes, so it is helpful for many users that they can pick their sizes. And last but not least, its excellent view is its primary advantage.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Some divers feel these masks don’t work well at speeds due to limited airflow, such as with scuba fins. And another disadvantage is that sometimes it is difficult to remove the snorkel piece, which is a significant issue when cleaning the snorkel mask.

Cressi Adult Snorkeling Full Face Mask

Image Product   Price
cordlessblower Cressi Adult Snorkeling Full Face Mask   View on Amazon

Our next full-face mask option is the Cressi Adult Snorkeling Full Face Mask. This mask is based on features that allow the user to breathe naturally.

Around the mouth and nose, these masks have a wide breathing area. This mask’s overall performance is excellent compared to the other masks of the same brand. It is a strong competitor for the best snorkel mask, especially for expert scuba divers and snorkelers.


Window Style: Full-face lens
Material of skirt: Hypoallergenic silicone
Color: 17 different colors
Price: $50-$75

Reasons to buy:

The X-cross straps in these full-face masks make them highly comfortable for the users. This full-face mask is designed with a 30% larger viewing area.

The wide breathing area near the nose and mouth, called the nose pocket, is very luxurious compared to other masks. This mask is fog-free as the fog rarely affects this mask. It has competing prices even with high-end pieces.

Reasons NOT to buy:

It is significant, not easily portable, and has a low-profile snorkel mask. Therefore, only advanced learners can use it. In addition, it seems complicated for beginners due to its complex structure.

It has water-draining valves in it that helps to prevent water from entering the mask. However, some divers have reviewed that it works too slowly to be effective.

Head Sea VU Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Image Product   Price
Head Sea VU Dry (1) Head Sea VU Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask   View on Amazon

Our last full-face snorkel mask is The Head Sea VU which features an excellent snorkel dry option. In addition, it presents a low-profile snorkeling mask than other companies do.

The Head Sea VU also helps the user to pair with snorkel fins so that it won’t be an issue at higher speeds.


Window Style: Full-face lens
Material of the skirt: Silicone
Colors: gray, blue, pink, and black/white
Price: $50-$70

Reasons to buy:

The best part of this snorkel mask is its breathing tube, i.e., a dry top snorkel that keeps water outside the mask. It helps the user to breathe naturally.

You can enjoy more depth at sea using this mask with fins. And its wide lens allows the user to get a clear view of marine life. It has a very comfortable silicone sealing skirt as well. Compared to other full-face snorkel masks, this mask is an excellent option for advanced learners and beginners.

Reasons NOT to buy:

According to some diver’s reviews, the dry snorkel tube doesn’t always work well to keep water out. Some feel the fit isn’t as reliable and secure as advertised. It all depends on different experiences.

In my opinion, the valves of this mask work well and allow me to breathe normally. Because of the entire field view, I could see everything clearly inside the water with complete water protection.

Traditional and full-face snorkel masks both have their own benefits. It all depends on your choice if you choose a product from a manufacturer having a good safety record and reputation.

What type of snorkeling mask is best for you?

The first thing you have to consider is the wide variety of snorkeling masks. There are diving masks, full-face snorkel masks, snorkeling goggles, and much more that we have to tackle.

The one thing that you have to make clear is the best snorkeling mask is the one that fulfills all your requirements. Different preferences and likes, and dislikes would likely have the other best.
First, pay attention to the type of snorkeling that you want to adopt, then decide what kind of snorkeling gear you need.

For example, if you want to snorkel in foggier and deeper water, you should select a full-face snorkel mask. Likewise, you can choose a simple snorkel mask if you are a beginner snorkeler.

Buying tips for the best snorkeling mask

You will see a wide variety of snorkeling masks in the market. Quality is the most important thing you should be sure about. Here are some more points you should focus to:

Durability and Material

The most crucial factor to consider while buying a snorkel gear set is its material and durability.
You should check the material’s durability very keenly. If its structure is unreliable and not strong, it would be useless for the diver.

And also, check the quality of the silicon skirt and tempered glass; if these could break easily, this mask would not last long.

Check if the mask strap is Adjustable

The mask strap is an essential part of a snorkel mask. If it’s not perfectly adjusted, your mask will not be comfortable for you.

You can also manage with a loose strap, but if you stay in the water the whole day, it could be painful.
The mask’s straps are usually made of rubber material, but some are made of unique fabric and cloth straps.

The adjustability of the straps is significant for your comfort and a proper seal. If the mask is not adjusted correctly, it could be a pain for you to deal with it because it would not be adequately sealed too, which allows water to come inside the mask.

Type of Skirt

The skirt is the material around the frame or goggles attached to your face. Most of the skirts are made up of rubber or soft silicon material.

Types of the lens and its Size

The type of the lens depends on both the style of the lens and the material of the lens.
Single-lens and two-lens masks are most commonly used.

In some masks, like in a full-face snorkel mask, a large lens is built in that covers your entire face.
Tempered glass is the most commonly used material for lenses.

Some low-quality masks use plastic material for lenses. And some of them also have prescription lenses for snorkelers that wear glasses or contacts.

Field of view

Snorkeling and Scuba diving is a field that allows you to explore so much in the ocean. But if your field of view is poor, it will ruin everything. Your peripheral vision needs to catch the sights and amuse yourself.

To sum up, this ensures you have a great field of view, so you don’t miss anything in the underwater world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading all these reviews, it is understood that many people still have a lot of queries in their minds.
Here are the most frequently asked question about scuba masks and snorkeling masks.

The main difference between these two masks is their manufacturing material quality. High-quality material is used in manufacturing Scuba masks because it has to assure the diver’s safety and handle a massive amount of pressure. At the same time, the material used in snorkeling masks is not so sturdy. In simple words, these two masks are made from different materials.

The area around the lenses that creates a seal around the face of the snorkeler is called the mask skirt. It is usually made up of soft silicone material. They come in different colors like white, black and transparent.

You can only dive underwater for 2-3 minutes using a full-face snorkel mask. Then you have to return to the water’s surface and unblock the breathing valve.

A full-face snorkel mask is only safe in accessible surface water. You cannot use the full face mask in deep diving into the underwater world. Just make sure to stay safe at first.

The most popular fins that are commonly used for snorkeling are Paddle fins. These fins are considered traditional and simple fins. Paddle fins could be closed-heeled or open-heeled.

It all depends upon your choices, as there is a big difference between these two snorkel mask colors.
The clear mask allows the light to come in the mask that helps more snorkelers with feelings of claustrophobia. At the same time, the black color limits the light inside the mask and makes it easier to enjoy and see hidden underwater treasures.
Many prefer buying a black skirt in bright water and a transparent mask in dark water.

The big reason for free divers using snorkels is they can breathe normally while exploring underwater and maintain the safety of the surface. In simple words, snorkels help the free divers to breathe smoothly even during rough water conditions.

Most people in the world, who do snorkeling, have beards. So obviously, the answer is yes.
If you are using a snorkel mask of a good quality brand, the high-quality soft silicone material used in it can help you have a good seal. Mustaches also prevent the seal from foaming.
But it is recommended that you should shave your facial hair before going snorkeling. This is because it would help you to have a better seal around your face.
You may select a full face mask or a large scuba mask if your beard creates problems during snorkeling.
Whatever your preferences are, Make sure to find an excellent option for your best snorkel mask on this list.
For more information and further question, feel free to contact us anytime.

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