how to clean a snorkel tube

Quick steps to know how to clean a snorkel tube

Cleaning the snorkel tube each time you’ve used it is very simple. Keeping it clean, safe, and in good working conditions is essential.


Do you want to know how to clean a snorkel tube? Just make sure to rinse salts of the ocean thoroughly with water. Salts of the oceans are very harmful to each plastic and silicon part of the snorkel mask. It is essential to keep your equipment safe and in good shape over time.

Lose the snorkel straps

Make sure to loosen the snorkel strap that helps attach the snorkel tube to your mask and anything tightened to your snorkel mask.

Sometimes it’s really simple for the ocean salt to make little nooks and crannies in the slight curves of the straps. So loosening them would be a bit easy for you to clean it properly.

Rinse the snorkel

You should clean the snorkel gear thoroughly.
Just after each snorkel, make sure to rinse your snorkel gear in warm and fresh water. You can use antibacterial soap to wash the mouthpiece. It will prevent nasty smells.

Ocean salt is not a good thing for the snorkel mask. It could damage the plastic and silicon parts of the snorkel mask. That is why it is essential to clean snorkel gear.

Dry the snorkel tube

After cleaning and rinsing the snorkel mask, the next step is to dry the snorkel mask and tube. It would help if you used a clean and dry cloth or towel to remove the dirt and moisture. You may be unable to clean from the inner side of the tube, but clean as much as you can.

Once your snorkel is dried, just put it in the open air for a few hours so that its inner parts get dried as well, remember not to put anything in the storage until it’s completely dried, or it may cause gross stuff like mildew.

Please do not put your snorkel mask in the sun, but put it in the shade. Because sunlight is quite harmful to the plastic parts of the snorkel tube, it may dry out and crack.

Once your snorkel has been cleaned and dried, you’ve known all the steps of how to clean a snorkel. But there are a few more things that you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your snorkel masks and snorkel tube.

Use Antibacterial soap

The cleaning mouthpiece is an essential part of the cleaning snorkel gear. You keep the mouthpiece in your mouth for steady breathing. It’s a part of the snorkel breathing tube. But do you know how to sanitize the snorkel mouthpiece?

No? Let me tell you some points about it. It is a fact that your mouth has some resident bacterial germs that are left on the mouthpiece each time you use it. And it grows unnecessarily that can cause trouble to your mouth. And, of course, it is not appropriate for your hygiene.

So make sure your mouthpiece is cleaned of these bacterial germs every time before you use it. Use a good quality antibacterial soap to ensure your safety. Use your fingers to rub inside and outside your snorkel mouthpiece.

When you’re done lathering up snorkel gear, rinse it with warm and clear water. Be sure to use only hot water to clean the soap. Extremely hot water is beneficial in killing germs.

Get rid of Sand Grains in the snorkel valve.

Another essential point in cleaning snorkel gear is to check for sand grains in the dry snorkel valve.

A person like me who loves staying on beaches, swimming, and snorkeling know that sand on the beach gets everywhere, even in the dry snorkel valves. The sand grains in the dry snorkel valve significantly affect its ability to function.

If you don’t clean it on time, it might lead to a steady dribble of water in your mouth the next time you use it for snorkeling.

Most of the sand in the snorkel will be washed out when you rinse it with water, but some grains might be sticking around the mask’s plastic and soft rubber parts. Please take a closer look and clean it thoroughly before you go on the snorkel.

You can use a simple soft brush or soft tissues or a paper towel to clean the sand residuals. But you should beware of using a wired brush. It may cause scratches on the lens or mask. So be very careful in cleaning your snorkel gear set.

How to clean snorkel mask

Once you’ve learned how to clean a snorkel tube, you must learn how to clean snorkel gear. To learn more about snorkeling gear, you can check out our guide, “Snorkeling Mask Cleaning and defogging.” This article has some methods to keep clean your snorkel gear.


Learning how to clean snorkels is very simple and easy. You have read all the pros and cons of cleaning and sanitizing snorkel gear.

It would be easier for you if you followed these steps of loosening the straps, gently rinsing and drying up your snorkeling tube, and checking out for the sand grains; your snorkeling journey would be relaxing and sparkling. And please pay more attention to sanitizing the mouthpiece with an antibacterial soap. It would be better for your hygiene.

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