Snorkeling Black Rock

Popular spots of Snorkeling Black Rock at Ka’anapali Beach

Snorkeling is a fantastic sport that allows you to explore the incredibility of underwater world. Ka’anapali Beach is very popular for Snorkeling Black Rock. This is quite a busy place, but it is really a fantastic beach, and we never had any problem finding a good space for you.

Is Kaanapali Beach suitable for snorkeling?

You will have a fantastic snorkeling experience at the north end of the Beach around the rockier point of black rock in Maui. Black Rock is considered a Hawaiian historical area named Pu’u kaka’s. The snorkeling experience here is good but not great. There seems to be no vast coral reef, but there is a tiny coral on the rock wall and many different species of fish and seat.

The snorkeling around the wall and out around the snorkeling point could be dangerous if the water currents are strong. It is better to stay active and aware of all the pros and cons, plus go snorkeling only if the water currents are calm and safe.

You will find many luxurious hotels, dining, and lavish shopping malls. There at the north end of Kaanapali Beach, within a few kilometers from Snorkeling Black Rock, you would see Sheraton at black rock Maui Resort & Spa, Westin Maui Resort & Spa, and Aston at the Whaler on Kaanapali Beach. Several Brigantines come to this Beach to drop off and pick up many guests.

If you can’t afford to stay in the lavish hotels, you still have options for public free parking. But in this case, you have to come a bit earlier for snorkeling to ensure that you must have a parking space at the public parking.

How do you get to the Beach?

Start walking out of the parking garage and turn right. There is a 750-foot-long ka anapaali parkway footpath, marked by a blue shoreline (No. 213). You can beach walk through straight to that way, and you’ll get to the Beach.

Water Entrance at the Snorkeling Black Point

After reaching the Beach, you have to walk more than 750 feet to reach the entrance point in the water for Snorkeling Black Rock. You can do a beach walk at this beautiful beach barefoot.

You have to walk for 30 minutes to the very north end of the Beach. Walk in the water until you start floating. Use fins to move in the water.

Black Rock Snorkeling

The route you have to follow for snorkeling is the edge of the rock; otherwise, there is nothing but just a sandy bottom. There are many dead corals on the rock, but there are some alive corals too.

You can only move around the rock if you are an experienced snorkeler, but if you are inexperienced, beware of the potential dangers and the strong water waves around.

After you go through the first point, you will have more to explore at the bay. If you swim around outside of the rock, it turns into a flat wall over the sandy bottom that is 30 feet deep. It would be best if you explored the sea occasionally, you will have much more to enjoy.

I really enjoyed my last tour of the Snorkeling black rock. I enjoyed watching many fishes all around the rock. I also saw many other species like Eagle Ray swimming and several sea turtles. Many of those creatures were far away from the snorkeling point, but some of them were near the shore as well.

The water quality at the Snorkeling Black Rock is very clear and fantastic. You can see many marine creatures clearly and enjoy pretty deep stuff at the bottom of the ocean.

Species found at Snorkeling Black Rock:

Snorkeling black rock is a good spot where you can enjoy more fish and other marine life. You can also enjoy watching a sea turtle, and Eagle Rays are also spotted at this point. Here is a list of a few creatures we found on the Beach:

1. Fishes

  • Butterflyfish,
  • Parrot fish
  • Damsel fish
  • Surgeon fish
  • Moorish idol
  • Tang
  • Wrasse-Humhead, cleaner, cigar
  • Box fish- yellow box fish spotted
  • Cardinal fish- Banggai cardinal fish
  • Perch
  • Chub
  • Triggerfish
  • The former Hawaii State Fish Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
  • Goatfish
  • Snapper
  • Porcupine fish
  • Hawkfish
  • Jacks
  • Mackerel
  • Cornet fish
  • Needlefish

2. Corals

There are not many corals on this Beach. But you can see a few alive corals. Here are some corals with their families mentioned:

  • Rice: Montipora capitata
  • Cauliflower: Pocillopora meandrina
  • Blue Rice: Montipora flabellata
  • Branching rice: Branching corals
  • Lobe: Porites Lobata
  • Antler: Staghorn coral

Directions to black rock from Kihei:

Kihei is a beach spot that connects territory on Maui’s southwest shore. It is the driest and sunniest end of the coast.

You can drive through Kihei to black rock beaches by following these directions:

Through Kihei get on Piilani highway (Highway 31) or S. Kihei Road Heading North.
When you reach the intersection with Mokulele Highway(Highway 311) and N.Kihei Road (Highway 310), turn onto N. Kihei Road (Highway 310)

Now follow the intersection with next highway 30 (Honoapiilani highway) and head initially south by turning left.
You will pass through Lahaina and turn into Ka’anapali on the parkway.

At the end of the road, take a U-turn and turn right into the first parking garage. The garage timings are from 7 am to 7 pm. There is one more public parking for black rock beach down there.

But this garage parking is more close to the Black Rock point. Then you have to walk a few steps to reach the Black Rock snorkeling point.

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