Snorkeling Mask Cleaning

Snorkeling Mask Cleaning and defogging

Snorkeling is a wonderful technique that goes a long way toward exploring the incredibility of the underwater world. Spend a few minutes cleaning the mask before jumping into the water. But what if your mask mirror is not cleaned and fogged, you will be unable to see the wonders of oceans.
Cleaning the snorkeling mask is not a complicated process. After learning how to use a snorkel mask, it is essential to learn how to clean a snorkel mask and prevent them from fogging up while in the water.

How to clean snorkeling gear? There are many ways to clean the snorkeling mask and prevent it from fogging.
You can clean your mask with a mild cleaner like baby shampoo and water. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the mask. Let’s talk about tips and guides on cleaning snorkel masks.

Apply mild shampoo and water mixture

You can buy many anti-fog sprays from the market or online. Using the anti-fog spray on the lens gives water less opportunity to stick inside the mask.
The cheapest and easiest way to clean the mask is to use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo. All you have to do is to mix a few drops of shampoo with a few tablespoons of water. Just mix enough water in the shampoo, so it acts like water.

Pour this solution into a spray bottle. Spray bottles are very easy to find. Or you can use empty shower gel bottles or shampoo bottles with a spray head on them. I also made a defogging solution using baby shampoo and water. I usually prefer to use those random bottles in my house for spraying the solution inside the snorkel mask lens.

If you don’t have the spray bottles, you can also pour the solution on the lens of the snorkel mask and clean it with simple water. It is best to leave a thin layer of solution inside the mask; it acts like dirt, fog, and oil repellent. Remember, do not touch it with your fingers.

Why do we only clean inside the mask? Why can’t we clean outside the mask? It’s because only the inside of the mask lens is defogged. Outside the mask is directly in contact with water, so it’s better not to mix any solution or foreign substance in the water.
The best time to clean your mask is just before the dive. You should clean your snorkel mask just before going on the snorkel. It will take less time to let any dirt or grease inside the mask.

Get an anti-fog spray for the snorkel mask.

Another method to clean your snorkel mask is to use anti-fog spray for your snorkel mask. You can buy them in the nearest market, or you can buy them online. When I searched for the best anti-fog spray for snorkel masks online, I had many options. Usually, they charge like $10 per bottle. I find it quite expensive as compared to using that baby shampoo method.
Use the baby shampoo and water mixture to clean your scuba mask. It is comparatively cheaper and low impact.

If you find using baby shampoo difficult, you can choose this anti-fog spray method. But I suggest trying to find an anti-fog spray that is friendly to marine life. Some sprays are harmful to marine life or reefs. Just make sure that it is not harmful to the fishes and reefs.

Wash your snorkel mask after every dive

Why do they rinse off after diving? It is highly recommended for the snorkeler to wash all the gear set and equipment after every snorkel. Use fresh water to clean the equipment.
Do not use ocean water because the salts in the ocean water can harm your snorkel mask, such as its silicon and plastic parts. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

This step is very important if you are using a full-face snorkel mask. Its parts are more complex than the traditional snorkel mask. After every snorkel, take some time to rinse your scuba mask. Don’t forget to wash the valve, silicon skirt, mask lens, and frame.

Pay attention to Clean Snorkel Tube.

When you rinse your snorkel mask, do not forget to wash the snorkel tube. It is also an important part of the snorkel mask that we keep in top shape. However, it won’t really help us in defogging snorkel masks.

It is very easy to wash the snorkel tube. All you need to do is wash the tube inside and outside. Make sure no salt is left inside or outside the snorkeling tube. And if you are using a dry snorkel with a one-way valve at the top, Make sure to rinse it from the mouthpiece to the top of the valve.

And if I talk about the mouthpiece, I will also suggest washing the mouthpiece with an antibacterial soap. It will keep any bacteria from growing into the mouthpiece. It will also repel all the nasty smells.

Keep your mask fog-free during Snorkeling.

There are many methods to clean up and defog the snorkel mask. It will help us to maintain our equipment. How to clear a mask underwater? Here are some ways to do inside the water to keep your mask clean and defogged.

First of all, you should avoid keeping your mask in the sun just before diving. It will heat up the snorkel mask and
When you enter into the cool water, it starts condensing, and fog will appear on the mask. So just avoid keeping your mask in the sun before going Snorkeling.

Another method to clean your mask inside the water is to use your saliva. If you can tread the water for some time, take off your mask and spit on the inside of the mask and rub it around. It sounds a bit weird, but saliva naturally repels fog and other substances like dirt.

Homemade anti-fog glasses cleaner

A snorkel mask is a basic piece of equipment that is used for Snorkeling. It is very important to keep them clean and fog-free. We have already discussed the cleaning methods of a snorkel mask and its tube; Here, I will represent to you some DIYs that would be helpful for you to clean your scuba mask.

The primary reason for a mask getting dirty is fog, dirt, and grease. It all depends on how you take care of your equipment. Brand new masks are shipped with a thin layer of silicon grease on them to protect them from extra dirt and grease. But it doesn’t help in keeping the mask fog-free. Toothpaste anti-fog is the best DIY ever. Toothpaste is the best cleaner for goggles. Cleanse the lens by dabbing toothpaste on it. Use a microfiber cloth or some soft cloth to rub it on the lens. Don’t use any brush or any offensive material to clean the goggle lens because it will create scratches on the mask lens. After rubbing a little bit, use warm fresh water to rinse out all the toothpaste thoroughly. Wipe the lens with a dry cloth.

Once your mask is clean and dirt free, you will be comfortable for Snorkeling. You must repeat the cleaning and washing the mask process each time just after the dive. The lens of the snorkeling mask must be immaculate because it is all about looking around the hidden beauty of the ocean.

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